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Intro to Romans – How to eat an Elephant


Q: How do you eat an elephant?

A: One bite at a time

Attempting to share the truths of Romans is a lot like an ant attempting to lead an expedition to the top of Mt. Everest.

Route up Mt. Everest

Route up Mt. Everest

A very daunting task, to say the least! The book is a masterpiece. It is both a spiritual and literary wonder and it can be almost too intimidating to approach… as intimidating as perhaps eating an entire elephant!

This year I have committed to go very slowly through the entire book of Romans, attempting to eat this proverbial elephant, one bite at a time.

I am excited, because all through church history, this book, like no other, has led to spiritual revival both in individual lives, as well as for entire civilizations. Augustine, Luther, and Wesley were all intensely impacted by the truths found here, and consequently impacted the world, not just in their generation, but also in the generations that followed.

Wouldn’t it be great if that could be said of our generation collectively, and of us individually?

What if we laid aside all the superficiality of our sound bite culture that goes miles wide, but only inches deep and made a commitment to the time proven catalyst of real change? The kind of change that changes us at our core, and fashions us into the image of the One who we were created to reflect.

I’m convinced, going verse by verse, sometimes even word by word through this great book, will yield the kind of change we all crave, but can never seem to achieve.

And to that end, I would humbly like to invite you to join me in my journey. If you take the invitation, I can guarantee that you will never be the same, and that the changes will be a huge blessing to you and those around you.

So if your bags are packed, I see Mt. Everest looming in the distance. See you at base camp!

Mt. Everest

Until next time, may the Lord bless you with Righteousness, Peace, Joy, and all good things via His Holy Spirit!



  1. Inspiring! Romans is quite an endeavor. Looking forward to your insights, Brother.


  2. […] Now, because of the magnitude and scope of this book, doing a study on it can be very intimidating. (See the first blog in this series – How to Eat an Elephant) […]


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