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You Can’t Microwave Spiritual Transformation

Great nuggets from my Pastor.
Another name for this article could be “The Process of Progress”

Chuck E. Tate



“You can’t microwave spiritual transformation.” ~Pete Wilson

Pray continually.
Pray all the time.
Never stop praying.
Pray without ceasing.
Open the Bible.
Read the Bible.
Study the Bible.

Go to church.
Attend church.
Be the Church.

Know Jesus.
Celebrate Jesus.

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  1. Sure. Absolutely. WE can’t microwave it, but are we putting limits on God? Surely He knows all the good “shortcuts.” I have had more than one instantaneous transformations in my own life. I don’t think it’s wise to limit God on this. He does the transformation, we do the seeking, worshipping, and praying…


  2. chucketate says:

    Thanks for the reblog, Chris! You rock, Bro!

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