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Daniel – Session 2.1 – Review (The consequences of “The Cycle”)


This week we looked at how we can stand strong in the face of adversity – Staying faithful, even in a hostile environment. (If you missed Session I, you can review the material here.)

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Welcome to Fuel – Rockchurch’s midweek Bible study 

We are doing an in-depth study of the book of Daniel. And we’ve just barely started. Just got our foot in the door last week, so to speak. We did our intro and then verses 1-5.

So just by way of quick review, we discovered that God’s people, the people of Israel had fallen prey to what we called the cycle.

Does everybody remember the cycle?

We all have gone or maybe are going through it right now – And the cycle looks like this – God delivers Israel out of whatever crisis they may be in. Israel is grateful for a time, but then since the pressure is off, they turn from God. And soon find themselves in trouble again, crying out to God.

Only unfortunately – after a while they stop turning back to God.  You see, God is patient, but one of the problems of continuous sin without true repentance is that sin itself has the built in side-effect of causing us to harden our hearts.

Does anybody know somebody who at one time was on fire for God, maybe several years ago. And now you talk to them and you are blown away, because not only are they no longer following Christ, but they seem antagonistic towards Christianity.  A lot of times, at the root of that is a hardness of hard due to the deceitfulness of sin.

And so, long story short their long-term, progressively worse idol worship eventually results in bad consequences for them.

Eventually they end up getting kicked out of the land.  King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon takes the southern kingdom of Judah captive, and then identifies the best of the best of future Israeli leaders and inducts them into Babylonian culture by immersing them in all things Babylon. Daniel, and his other 3 friends who we will meet tonight are part of that group of future leaders, that Nebuchadnezzar wants to change into Babylonians…and so, that’s where we left off and it’s where we will pick up.

But before we do that, in tomorrow’s blog we will look at the topic “Christ – Center of the Old Testament”

 Fuel Bible Study
Fuel is a weekly Bible Study that meets Thursday nights at 6:30 @ RockChurch – 1081, Upper Spring Bay Rd. East Peoria

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