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Sermon Outline & Recap – The Best of 2014

Had a great time hanging out with my fellow Pastors at rockchurch and sharing what affected us the most from last year. Looking forward to continuing the mission in 2015 with them and all the great folks at RC!

Chuck E. Tate


RockChurch could not function without our amazing team of pastors…so why not bring them on stage for one last hurrah in 2014? Done. Our last services of the year (December 27 & 28) featured the entire pastoral team, minus Operations Pastor – Chad Ingham, who was on vacation playing golf in the Arizona desert. Each pastor was given five minutes (and yes, we threw a countdown clock on the screen) to expound on their favorite sermon (series) of the year.

I have also included our “best of” worship set list (with links) at the end of this blog post.


*If you’re a pastor/leader visiting this page feel free to use any of our sermon series graphics and content. Email me if you need larger files and/or complete outlines. #TeamJesus 


Call Me Crazy

Cory Vance – Student Pastor

Call Me Crazy, But I Will Worship

Acts 16:22-28 (NLT)
A mob quickly formed against Paul and Silas…

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