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7 Benefits of studying the book of Hebrews

“Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits!”

Studying the book of Hebrews has many benefits. It is one of the most beautiful, powerful, and yet challenging books in all of Scripture. Last Wednesday, I had the joy of beginning a study with about 35 others in my church’s mid-week Bible study, called FUEL. (Life is hard, we need FUEL to live and stand strong for God).

Over the last 2 years we have worked hard at FUEL to develop a format that will help ease spiritual growth. We do this by:

  1. Starting with an in-depth teaching on a particular part of Scripture. It’s in-depth but not so long that people get lost under an avalanche of information. I have adopted a rule that the teaching cannot be any longer than 15-20 minutes per session.
  2. After the teaching portion, we then break down into small groups of 8-12 members throughout the church. Currently we have four groups with room for one or two more. During these small groups we answer questions related to the study as well as share prayer requests. Basically, we get to know each other better which then allows for better discussions, with the end result – growth occurring!

It’s been great so far and I am looking forward to seeing all God does in and through our study. If you would like to join or would like more information, please contact me via or through FUEL’s Facebook page.

Or just show up next Wednesday night at 6pm. We meet in the sanctuary of RockChurch, located at 1081 Upper Spring Bay Rd., East Peoria, IL.

We’d love to have you! And to get a better idea of what it’s like, I’ve included Wednesday’s teaching as well as the notes and handouts we used below 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

Pastor Chris


 Session I – 7 benefits of studying the book of Hebrews

Book of Hebrews – Schedule

Semester 1: The book of Hebrews, part 1 – January 11 to February 22
Semester 2: The book of Hebrews, part 2 – March 22 to April 26


6:00 – 6:15: Sign in and nametags
6:15 – 6:35: Teaching: Reasons to study Hebrews
6:35: Dismiss into groups
6:35 – 7:30 Answer questions in small groups
**If your group finishes questions early go around and have each person share briefly 1 thing that has impacted them from the night’s study and 1 prayer request they would like others to pray for them
e. 7:30 – Back to the sanctuary
f. 7:30 – 7:35 Closing prayer and dismissal

7 benefits of studying the book of Hebrews

  1. Hebrews helps believers stand strong during times of persecution
  2. It presents to us a highly exalted picture of Jesus.
    1. The picture that we are going to get of Jesus in this Epistle will enable us to see him high and lifted up and as such will enable us to fall more in love with him and to worship him in the way that He deserves.
  3. Helps us more fully understand the Old Testament and its importance in our lives as New Testament believers.
  4. Helps us more fully understand the gospel. This book will help us understand some of the technical details regarding the gospel will make us more fully appreciate what God has done for us
  5. Enable us to understand Jesus’ Priesthood. Jesus is called a priest after the order of Melchizedek. Hebrews will explain what that means and why it is important to you and I
  6. The writer of Hebrews has perfected the art of exhortation and encouragement
    1. Encouragement tells you – you can do it
    2. Exhortation is an urging as well as a warning at times. Exhortation gets in our business and tells us “This is crucial – you must do this to avoid negative consequences!”
  7. Will help teach us how to navigate hard to understand passages


A good in-depth study of the book of Hebrews will help us stay on fire for Christ in a lukewarm world. If persecution ever arises, the message of Hebrews will help us stand for Christ when the temptation comes to fall away or deny Him.


***If you finish early, please go around the circle and have group members share 1 prayer request or other thing that is on their hearts. Each person in the group should feel free to pass on this or answering any questions. We believe in low pressure groups.

1) What do you hope to get out of this study of the book of Hebrews?

2) Have you ever studied this book before? If so what was the main thing or things you took away from it?

3) Have you ever thought about how believers in other parts of the world deal with persecution? If so, share some of your observations

4) Have you ever considered the thought of persecution of Christians ever occurring in America?

5) Even if it never happens to you personally, why is it a good idea to study persecution?

6) “Hebrews paints a highly exalted picture of Jesus” – What does that mean?

7) How do you think studying this book will enable us to love Jesus more?

8) Do you ever struggle in your commitment to follow Jesus?

9) What is the difference between encouragement and exhortation? Why do you think they are both important?

10) Do you have any theories about who wrote the book of Hebrews?

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