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Do You Like Rock Music?

Mike Winstead was a wonderful man, loved by all – myself included. Great tribute to this great man of God!

Chuck E. Tate

Do You Like Rock Music

Do you like rock music?

This is the question my friend, Mike Winstead—a charter member of our church who passed away recently—used as a segue to invite strangers to church. After all, we’re RockChurch, not Hip-HopChurch.

By the way, it didn’t even matter what the answer was—Mike would find an angle to move the conversation from music to church…and then he would pull out a RockChurch card and extend his warm invitation.

Did I mention he did this regularly for 19 years?

From our pre-launch vision meetings in 1998 to his last day on earth—just a few weeks ago—Mike served RockChurch in some capacity. He served as a trustee all 19 years, but most everyone from our church will remember him as “the nice man who always greeted me with a smile and genuinely wanted to talk to me.” He singlehandedly helped create RockChurch’s culture of love and acceptance.


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