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One of my responsibilities as Executive Pastor at RockChurch is to occasionally assist my good friend and pastor, Chuck Tate with the weekend preaching duties. This has been one of my favorite things to do. Our congregation is so encouraging and open to the Word of God – They make it a breeze to preach!
Each and every one of these messages is the product of an intense process of prayer and study. It’s my prayer that you will hear exactly what you need from God, and that you will be stronger because of it!

  1. Victorious – When In Process, Stick To The Plan
  2. Chase the Lion – Developing a Lion Chaser Mentality
  3. Locked and Loaded – Map, Compass, First Aid pouch, and the Nuclear Option
  4. Locked and Loaded – Weapons, Resources, and Equipment
  5. Locked and Loaded – The Battle
  6. At the Movies – Spiderman
  7. At the Movies – Rocky
  8. Receiving the Love of God
  9. Run to the Roar – Presence Over Preaching
  10. “Before I go, you have to know – Holy Ghost”
  11. Awakening the Nation
  12. Obstacles to Awakening
  13. 7 Sayings from the Cross
  14. What time is it?
  15. Stir It Up! (2017 New Year’s tag team message with other members of our pastoral staff)
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