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As a young soldier deployed to Saudi Arabia during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm I became very fearful that I would not return home, but would die in battle. Awakened to that realization, one evening while walking alone out in the desert sand, I made a plea to the Almighty.

It went something like this “If you get me out of here and let me return home alive, I will serve you for the rest of my life.”

God was faithful to return me safely to the U.S. and when I got back, I began to seek how I should get to know him. After hearing the gospel (good news) a couple of times from different people I made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior and accept the forgiveness he purchased for me on the Cross.

Although I had a good start, and began to serve him, it wasn’t long before I fell back into my previous lifestyle that included drinking, partying, chasing women, but didn’t include God.

Fast forward several years later and my life was a mess. My drinking and partying had run its course leaving me addicted to alcohol.  I had a beautiful two-year old daughter, but my marriage was in shambles leading to my wife and I separating. I ended up in Dallas, Texas as a single parent. This is when reality really hit. I realized there was no way I could raise this precious little girl without help. I kneeled next to my bed and took a step back to God, and over the next few months my entire life was reshaped. The desire for alcohol fell away from me and all I desired was to know and experience God more.

That was over 18 years ago, and I have never been the same!

Because of what he has done in my life, I am passionate about my Savior, Jesus Christ and am ignited by the desire to help others experience what I have. The Bible has thoroughly transformed my life, and because I know the power it has and what it can do in one life, I am eager to share it with others through easy to understand Bible teachings.

Thanks for visiting! I pray you find something here that is a help to you in your journey. May God richly bless you and yours!

Chris Papazis


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