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  1. 5 Reasons Not to Be a Spiritual Procrastinator
  2. What Time is It? (Sermon)
  3. The Bible and the Occult (Chuck Tate)
  4. The Martin Luther Challenge
  5. Why I Blog
  6. The Problem of Pain
  7. Standing with the Persecuted Church
  8. Do Christians Care if Noah Film is Acurate?
  9. Lent: Snap Out of Your Spiritual Slump – Mark Batterson
  10. Is this the world you want?
  11. You can’t microwave spiritual transformation
  12. Presidential Proclamation – Thanksgiving, 1923
  13. Regarding Ferguson
  14. A Christian Response to ISIS
  15. Napoleon and Jesus
  16. You shall be like a tree
  17. 7 Sayings from the Cross
  18. ISIS, The Ethiopian Christians, and Me

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